1. Register with USA Boxing online. The costs is $175 or $150 for a license. Follow the online instructions you will get via email. Printout your receipt.

2. Classes:

Green Level Coaching Clinic (for beginners)

(you will need to be logged on to USABoxing.org for this clinic)

SafeSport online clinic

(when logged on to USABoxing.org in the member section, click on the SafeSport course)

HeadsUp Concussion clinic

(make sure to print out the certificate when finished, there is no record of taking this exam saved)

How to join Central Cal Assoc of USA Boxing


3. Get 2 passport photos

4. Copy of your birth certificate.

5. Once you have all five steps complete and have all your paper work compete, send them to ur President & temp Registration Chair. He will issue you your Boxing Passbook/License.

Frank Aleman

559 905 7125

1229 N Sierra Vista

Fresno CA 93703

How to join Central Cal Assoc of USA Boxing

Coaches & Officials

2. See your doctor. Need a physical signed by a MD or DO. Print your form out here and take it when you visit your physician.

Rules and Forms

1. Register with USA Boxing online. Follow the online instructions. Printout your receipt.

Central California Association LBC #46